thailand-1First Steps In Thailand

We barely left our front door back in the UK less than 24 hours ago, and already our minds and senses have been stimulated far more than we had ever imagined since landing in Thailand, Bangkok, this morning.  The sights, sounds………..Read More



chiang-mai-1Chiang Mai

It was an interesting 17 hour overnight train journey from Bangkok to the Northern city of Chiang Mai.  Despite not getting more than three hours sleep due to the rickety motion of the sleeper train, it was lovely spending time together planning ahead……Read More



39494_10150234946465462_4823945_nTop things to do in Chiang Mai

On our first day here we had a wonderful trip to the local Chiang Mai market, which was rather busy, however not a tourist in sight, and pushed ourselves to try some deep fried insects, which is a standard Thai ..Read More




After jumping on a cheap internal flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket (Thailand’s most popular Southern Island) we’ve spent the last 3 nights in Patong and feel we’ve experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly…………Read More

40856_10150234950860462_7346915_n-1Koh Samui

We are currently sat writing this in the most stunning private bay, on the island of Ko Samui, staying in ‘Thongtakian Resort.’ After spending early evening lying in a hammock, drinking fresh coconut shakes, watching a beautiful sunset over the…..Read More



Ko Pha Ngnan

We made it to Ko Phangan by the skin of our teeth after a petrifying speed boat journey across from Ko Samui three days ago.  The captain of the boat who literally looked no older than fifteen set about trying to complete the journey in as little time…..Read More


41015_10150234963170462_987333_nKo Pha Ngan’s Full Moon Party

The island had lost its natural heart beat.  The calm tempo and sound of the tide lapping the shore, the wind swaying the palm trees, the insects humming, the rain falling, had all but vanished.  It had been replaced with a cacophony of clashing…Read More


40174_10150234964860462_6489090_nKo Tao

We are currently spending our 2nd night in Ko Tao, after arriving here yesterday.  We had the shock of our lives when we jumped off the boat at the pier, with so many Thais pushing to sell us day trips and Taxi services. Stressful is an understatement…Read More

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