India – First Steps In India

300620_10150776402995462_2543095_nFirst Steps In India

Have you ever felt so ecstatic, so immensely overwhelmed that you have no control over your emotions and are brought to tears?  Where what you had imagined and dreamt of has been outweighed to such …


extent by the sheer reality of a place you are left speechless? This is the impact India had on us when we arrived yesterday morning. Sitting in the back of our taxi from the airport to our first hostel, our eyes filled up, tears of happiness that we’d finally set foot in the country we have been longing to explore for as far back as we could remember.

There is a powerful sense of energy here. Mumbai’s streets are jam packed with people and transport, weaving in and out of each other, stopping and starting like bumpacars. Horns honk so loudly they sound like they are conversing in a language of their own. The laws of the road we are both so used to from back home, appear non-existent here, as traffic goes where it pleases, road signs are ignored and 3 road lane markings in reality hold 6 lanes of traffic!   In the middle of the streets walking casually amongst the vehicles are cows, India’s sacred animals, with cars slowing down and swerving to steer clear of them.  They move with a sense of superiority, like they are aware of the importance they hold in this country.  Travel Tip: be extremely careful of touching India’s cows (for example, if you are driving), for if you injure one in public you will most likely be attacked by passers by in the street, who will be angered by your actions.
The hostel where we are spending our first three nights, ‘Travellers Inn’ is very basic, but clean and we are lucky enough to have a western style toilet, something which we know is a novelty in India. There’s also aircon, which we are thankful for in this overwhelming heat and humidity.  The owner, being both knowledgeable and helpful, is eager to pass on his top tips and sights to see in his home city, so we are looking forward to meeting with him later this evening to see what this place has to offer us.

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