Thailand – Ko Tao

40174_10150234964860462_6489090_nKo Tao

We are currently spending our 2nd night in Ko Tao, after arriving here yesterday.  We had the shock of our lives when we jumped off the boat at the pier, with so many Thais pushing to sell us day trips and Taxi services. Stressful is an understatement…

as we had not planned on a specific accommodation to stay at, due to most of the hostels on the island having no internet website or contact number/email address.  We hauled our rucksacks about 1500m in the blistering heat down back road dirt tracks, up hills and along the island’s main beach, adamant not to get a taxi and be ripped off!  However, all accommodation was either full or expensive, so we had no choice but to jump in a taxi, and head for a bay in the south.

We have landed in a strange place, over priced, full of tourist scuba divers but really chilled out.  It would have been great to do a dive course and we were considering doing one but J’s got a cold (extreme case of man ‘flu) and apparently it’s not good to dive with blocked sinuses, due to the changes in pressure.
Our room is worth around 500thb a night, but we are having to pay 1000 thb.  It’s great to do things basic, with a toilet that doesn’t flush, broken bed and pathetic shower, however it’s annoying to know how far our 1000thb could go elsewhere. Ko Tao is a nice enough island with beautiful coastlines, however, with these prices we believe if we move to the mainland we’ll have a better experience all round.

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