Thailand – Ko Pha Ngan’s Full Moon Party

41015_10150234963170462_987333_nKo Pha Ngan’s Full Moon Party

The island had lost its natural heart beat.  The calm tempo and sound of the tide lapping the shore, the wind swaying the palm trees, the insects humming, the rain falling, had all but vanished.  It had been replaced with a cacophony of clashing…

sounds, pouring out of huge speakers positioned all along the beach.  Every 50m we could hear a different bar competing to pull in customers by blasting out a different song, the music seemed unclear, it felt uneasy.  At the water’s edge, at least 10,000 people congregated, packed like sardines on the sand.  With barely enough space to move they frittered around each other attempting to claim their tiny bit of land, their dancing space.
The crowd like us, was dressed from head to toe in bright florescent clothes, and colourful face and body pain covered their flesh.  It had taken us a substantial amount of time to get ready, our face paint was bright and intricate, we wanted to impress, we wanted this to be a night to remember.  The weather certainly wanted to give us something to remember, as dark menacing rain clouds gathered above our heads before we could even get a drink, and before we knew it the heavens had opened up and down came the monsoon rain.
Face paints ran and colours merged into each other like rainbows, the soft sand became wet and compact under our feet as we queued up to buy a drink.  We ordered two buckets each, which were literally sand castle buckets filled to the brim with vodka and coke.  Travel tip: due to these buckets being open topped, they are an easy target for getting spiked, so keep a close eye on your drink, or better still drink beer which has a smaller top.  Although we only drink, we were warned by some extravagant friend’s we’d met on Ko Samui of the drugs scam which local dealers have with the Thai police.  After a deal is made, a police officer will be waiting nearby to arrest you, or the police go undercover and deal the drugs, and be warned the punishment for obtaining drugs in Thailand is far more severe than in the Western world.
Despite the torrential downpour we continued partying well into the early hours, embracing the rain with the thousands of other party animals.  What a night, which we will never forget, despite breaking our  disposable waterproof camera and sadly losing all our pictures!

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